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How To Grow Taller And Increase Height

Do you want to know How To Grow Taller? In this article you will discover what affects your height, how to get taller and increase height naturally with proven results! Also find out our #1 Secret Resource which will guarantee your increase in height!

Short Height Sucks! Learn How to Grow Taller

It might sound strange but ‘how to grow taller’ and ‘how to increase height’ are among the most searched terms on Google. If the high placed shelves in your home are creating problems for you then you already realize that being short sucks.

The problems with short height are endless! Here we give you a few tips to help you grow taller naturally. At the end of the article, I will also share a huge resource which will help you to increase height. Guaranteed!
So let’s get started shall we?

5 Factors That Affect Height

You might have wondered in your childhood – “how tall will I be when i grow up?” Truth is it depends on a lot of factors. Let us read more about what determines you height and then we will learn about how to grow taller.


Everything you are from your smooth skin, fragile nails, all the way to whether your hair grows past a certain length or not are all attributes of you genes. Your height is not an exception. If your parents are both short or have average height, you too will either be short or of average height. There are those few exceptions but for the most part, you will not grow to be 7 feet if your parents are only 4 feet tall. Until you have become an adult and have attained your maximum height, there is no accurate way to tell just how tall you are going to be. In most cases you will have a similar height as that of your parents.


Babies born before week 37 and those born with very little birth weight of below 2 .3 kilos are more likely to be shorter than children born with an ideal weight. There are many advantages for a babies if they stay in their mother’s wombs until they are full term. The mother’s womb provides them with everything they can possibly need to have a fruitful, healthy life and most of all to attain a desirable height. (Full Resource Here)


how to become tallerWhether you are going to be tall or not is also dependent upon what you were exposed to as a fetus. Tobacco smoke has amongst the worst effects on the life on a child. One of its major effects is that it derails development.

This means a child will never have a good immune system, they will never have the ideal weight and they will never get to be as tall as they would have been if they were never exposed to tobacco. The next time you see a pregnant woman smoking, stop her.


If you are frequently getting sick and have to deal with diseases, then your body will be too busy fighting the illnesses and will not get the time to initiate the mechanisms to make you tall. This will make it difficult for you to even attain the average height. So you know how to get taller – just stay healthy in all respects!


how to get taller
Somehow even the really tall people, when they start getting fat, they reduce in height. To increase height therefore, it is critical that you maintain the ideal weight.

It is important to be at an optimum weight not just for the sake of height increase but also because you need to have good health. So if you want to know how to grow taller fast then avoid junk food and maintain a healthy weight.


5 Tips To Grow Taller Naturally

Now you know about the main factors which determine your height. Next we will learn how to grow taller fast. These tips are very easy to follow and should definitely help you to increase height.


Sure, this seems counterproductive right? You are supposed to be out there doing something! One thing many people don’t understand is that resting at least 8 hours a day allows your body to grow new cells and tissues. If you are a parent then encourage your children and especially your teens to sleep eight hours a day. This will allow their brains to grow so they are brighter in class and understand what they learn. It is also a great answer to the question on how to increase height naturally. If you are wondering how to increase your height, manage you time better so you get enough rest. 


how to grow taller naturally

You have certainly heard time and time again that you are what you eat. It is therefore absolutely essential that you eat healthy foods that will support your growth and development. Give your body the nutrients and vitamins it requires to support your growth and allow you to develop fully. A great way to do is to make sure you are eating a balanced diet with tons of vegetables and fruits. Avoid junk food and always watch your potions because being fat only makes you look shorter. Give your body enough calcium and vitamin D to help you grow taller naturally.


It’s simple right? Exercise to grow taller. The human body was never engineered to be motionless and lazy. Our jobs may have made us this way because most jobs require us to sit behind a desk for many hours at a time. Engaging in regular exercises and sports will help make your height dream a reality. Even if you are not a teen any more, you can still add increase your height with regular exercises. When you are more physically active, your body demands more nutrients. More nutrients mean more tissue and cell creation and voila, this is how you can grow taller fast! There are many exercises to grow taller which you can practice. Later in this post I have shared more on exercises to grow taller.


how to be taller

Because of the career path many people have chosen, bad posture whether standing or sitting has become the norm. Over time, this bad posture causes your spine to bend. This bend will in turn affect your height and make you seem even shorter than you actually are. Sitting and standing upright on the other hand allows your spine to align with your neck and head. This alignment can help you seem taller than you really are. If you have had bad posture, you do not have to worry. There are numerous exercises you can engage in to help bring your spine back to its original shape. It may take time to practice and master good posture habit but it will certainly be worth the effort and help you to grow taller.


Your immune system plays a huge role in helping you grow taller. If you are constantly attacked by illness, your body is working very hard to fight the illness that it has no time to get you to your ideal height. Helping your body’s ability for fight diseases will help you stay stronger and healthier which in turn will go a long way in helping you attain good height. Be sure to eat healthy, keep stress at bay and exercise to get taller regularly.

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5 Exercises To Increase Your Height

Exercises can be a great way to get you taller. Let’s find out which are the best exercises to grow taller fast and without much difficulty:


jumping exercisesOne of the most effective answers to the question of how to grow taller is by jumping. When you are jumping, your spine is straightened and stretched. The muscles on your calf too, get stretched because you will be forcefully lifting your feet off the surface. The blood supply to the tissues and bones increase and thus the hormones to grow in your body are stimulated and thus you will be able to grow taller. So make jumping rope your hobby. You can also do vertical jumps, basketball like jumps, spot jumps and hey when you are really happy, do several victory/ happiness jumps.


exercises to grow tallerThis is amongst the most effective and easy exercises to increase height. For the standing stretch, stand straight. Bend head first and place you palms on the ground. Ensure that your knees do not bend and your back remains straight. Stay in that position for 10 seconds then get back to standing position. Do as many or these as you possibly can every day. For the seated stretch, sit on as flat surface and ensure your back is straight and stretch out your legs in front of you. Bend from your waist. Stretch out your arms so they touch your feet. Maintain this position for 10 seconds and repeat as many times as you can.(Image Credit and Full Technique Here)



how to make yourself tallerPelvic Shift is also a common exercise to increase height. This type of exercise aims to stretch and lengthen you from the lower hips to the spine. These areas are essential to ensure you have attained the height you want. It is also a very easy exercise although you cannot do it in the office. To do it, lie flat on the floor with your arms placed on the floor. Bend your knees so that your feet are placed on the floor. Slowly lift your torso and hips off the floor while pressing your feet on the ground. Form a straight line from your knees to your nape. Hold for 10 seconds and lie back down again.


how can i get taller
This is the best exercise for people who need to lose a little bit of extra weight and increase height at the same time.

Begin on all fours and lift your hips high up by straightening your legs so that you form an inverted V shape. Press your hands on the ground and keep your hands wide apart.

Image Credit


Cat Stretch Exercise

Begin with both your legs and feet on the ground and curve your spine inward while your head is lifted.

As you breathe out, curve your spine toward the ceiling.

Do as many movements as you can.

If you want to know how to make yourself taller, then you cannot ignore the Cat Stretch Exercise.


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